This is my little corner of this wondrous thing that we call the internet. I am Zoee Silcock and I have a passion for building and learning new things. The term zoeetrope is based on the term heliotrope which is used to describe plants that follow the sun, similarly this page is meant to follow me. This latest iteration of the page is a pure HTML page with no backend, no JavaScript, no cookies and no tracking of any kind.

Back story

I was born in Sweden but when I was two years old my parents moved onto a small sailing boat. We took that boat down through the canals of Sweden and beyond, even crossed the north sea over to England to visit my fathers family. We settled for a while in the Netherlands and in the south of France but ultimately made it to Greece where we stayed for about five years before returning to Sweden.


My career started in postal delivery but I always had an interest in computers and computer programming. The very first things I built where in pure HTML back in the very early days of the internet. I also learned some C and built some small Mac applications. It wasn’t until I started learning PHP that I really got into web development. Around 2009 I did a course on Java and object oriented programming which allowed me to change careers and I spent multiple years working with Ruby.

In 2014 I started a game development company with my best friend in our spare time and we released a mobile game that went by unnoticed. Since then we’ve been working on a bigger project for consoles and PCs. These days most of my time is split between JavaScript for web development and C# for game development.

To strengthen my understanding of low level concepts I am learning Rust and Zig. On the game development side I am learning Godot because I am not happy with being dependent on Unity for developing games. It is hard to predict what will be relevant in the future, but even if these specific technologies don’t survive the test of time, learning them is still improving my understanding of the concepts in question.



I don’t generally answer cold calls, but you can reach me via zoee-dot-silcock[at]gmail-dot-com.