ERS License Manager

An internal license management system written in Java using Google Web Toolkit. It keeps track of license history, current status and monitors expiry date.

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This was a project I did together with Mehrnoush Sadeghi during my first work experience period at Seamless AB in the beginning of 2010. We worked using a simplified Scrum system and used SVN for the version control. The source code obviously belongs to them so I can't show you it. But the diagram I have provided gives a good overview of how we structured the system. The project ended up at about 9000 lines of Java code.

Apart from Java and GWT we also used Hibernate for the database layer and Dozer for bringing the model objects to the client side. For Hibernate we used a generic DAO system similar to the one proposed here. In order to integrate with their current system we also provided import and export functionality. That included PGP encryption/decryption with their key and converting to and from their current format.

All in all it was a very valuable experience and gave me a good introduction to GWT and Hibernate. It was also my first work environment experience in this field. This was interesting in that it showed me what to expect and how I might handle it. I felt it went well and I enjoyed it a lot.