An online word game for 2-4 players based on the popular board game Scrabble. It was written in C# with five of my class mates for a course about project management.

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C# .NET WinForms Sockets MVP
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    Game play

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    More game play

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    Welcome screen

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The people who I worked with on this project where: AC Letsch, Alexander Törnetoft, Anders Nehlin, Jonas Nilsson and Mehrnoush Sadeghi. The course was six weeks long and the first two weeks where focused on introduction to project management and learning C#. None of us had done any C# coding before yet in six weeks we managed to develop a working prototype. We used scrum to structure our work and Mercurial for version control.

Our code structure was based on MVP (Model View Presenter) which is a variation of MVC. MVP is better suited for .NET Winforms which is what we used for the GUI. We also localized the GUI so that it works in English and Swedish depending on the language of your operating system. The network code was written in a generic way so as to allow re-use. In fact I used the same classes with no real changes in a more recent project, Syncify.

At the end of the course there was a sales presentation where we explained to investors why our product was worthy of funding to finish it. The presentation went very well and our demo went flawlessly. You can download the installer if you would like to try it out yourself. The whole project is also available on which is where we kept the version control during the project. We also used Dropbox for the scrum backlogs and other files that we all needed access to.

This project was a very valuable learning experience and we had lots of fun working together. We learned to identify what needed to be done and how to split up the work in a good way. Since the course didn't define any work hours it was up to us to structure our work in such a way as to finish it in time for the presentation. It went very well and as I mentioned, we managed to get a working prototype ready for the final presentation.