Rocket Pants

An addictive mobile game that I built together with my good friend Gary. It's available on the App Store and works great on iPhone as well as iPad, get hooked now!

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Cocos2d Objective-C SpriteBuilder TexturePacker Spine Tiled
  1. Thumb rocket panting

    Rocket panting

  2. Thumb main menu

    Main menu

  3. Thumb chameleons


  4. Thumb upgrade menu

    Upgrade menu

My friend and I have always been into games and one day decided that we should try building them ourselves. The idea for this game came over night, I woke up one morning and had the idea pretty much fully formed. Looking back at the notes from then we landed pretty close to what I had in mind when I woke up that morning. The idea is simple, you are a tree climber with rocket pants. The genre would technically be an "infinite runner" but it's presented vertically as climbing instead of running.

Soon after having the idea and fleshing it out together I decided to build a really simple prototype to figure out if it was anything worth pursuing. After much deliberation I picked Cocos2d for Objective-C because it had a lot going for it. They promised Android support by cross-compiling the Objective-C code to C++ and they had a great new GUI editor called SpriteBuilder. I quickly got into it and was happy with my choice. The prototype felt promising to us so we decided to continue.

While I learnt the technical side of making a game my friend taught himself how to draw on the iPad using an app called Procreate, the graphics soon started to come together. Not long after the first prototype we had an early beta with better graphics and more functionality. We kept at it for a few more months and finally released an impressive product for two guys who had never made a game before.

I learnt so many things during this project and I really enjoyed the whole process. Making assets for games taught me about spritesheets, Spine animations and TMX level files. On the coding side I was introduced to an alternative to MVC that works better with games called ECS. It stands for Entity Component System, there is more information here and here.

Ultimately Cocos2d couldn't deliver on their multiplatform support because Apportable discontinued development on it. This was sad as we where hoping to release it on Android aswell. This has triggered me to start learning Unity3D instead so we will have better platform support in the future. I am currently in the process of porting Rocket Pants to Unity as it gives me a good opportunity to learn. I am streaming most of that process live on Twitch, you can watch recent broadcasts there if I'm not online right now.