Estio is a beautifully designed, highly customizable app for voting on story points during poker planning. Pick a set of numbers that fits your team's needs and pick a color scheme you like. To cast your vote, tap a number then shake your device to reveal when everyone is ready!


Ruby RubyMotion iOS APIs
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    Color scheme 1

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    Color scheme 2

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When we started using scrum at work we where looking for a good app to use when voting on story points during the sprint planning. We quickly learned that there where many apps to choose from. But after much searching we couldn't find one that had all the features we wanted and looked even half decent. Since it's such a simple concept we decided to give it a try ourselves.

We had a license for RubyMotion lying around and since we mostly work in Ruby I decided to give it a go for iOS development. It was relatively easy to get started due to the great documentation. They had also translated Apple's API documentation to Ruby but that had just got banned at the time. But I quickly worked out how to read the Objective-C documentation and translate the necessary parts into Ruby.

I implemented all the features we where looking for including some to help the other teams who had slightly different routines than we did. My colleague and friend Joel Helin defined a great, minimalist design with some really nice color schemes to give the app a great look. The most time consuming part of this was as usual dealing with the AppStore and everything surrounding it. But the first version is finally out and I'm really happy with the result!