This is my little corner of this wonderous thing that we call the internet. I am a programmer living in Stockholm Sweden. I have worked as a full stack web developer for several years but now I focus on game development.

If you find yourself here you are most likely looking to find out who I am. My name is Zoee Silcock but my friends call me Zilly-Z /zɪli: zi:/ sometimes, I guess that would be my rapper name if I ever get tired of coding. Or if I decided to be an MMA fighter I guess I would be called Zoee "The Cock" Silcock.

I've been into programming and video games since I was a kid. After several years working with web development I started making games in my spare time. I started out by learning Cocos2D but after a while I switched over to Unity. This lead to me co-founding a game development company called Rocket Pants with a good friend.

I am still interested in web development and I do have use for those skills in my new venture. I built the company website for example. This site also happens to be open source so you can follow the, albeit sporadic, development on github.


Favorite resources

As with most tools it's about how you use it. Used correctly it can be a tremendous resource.
Unity Answers
If you ever have a question about Unity you'll find the answer here.
Unity List
Good resource for finding open source projects related to Unity 3D.
A gold mine of information on iOS and game programming.
Goes without saying but it has helped me countless times. Although I usually get there via Google.
The best place to learn Rails. Part reference, part best practices, all quality.
Mozilla Developer Network
This is the most reliable source for information on JavaScript and CSS IMHO.
Dive into HTML5
Old news, but still nice to have all the information presented well in one place.
Learn Vimscript the Hard Way
The most complete resource I have found on Vimscript.